• 13 Sep 2022
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Article Summary


Required Permissions

An employee must be assigned to the shop with a Shop Owner Admin role to perform actions referred to in this article.

About PostNL

PostNL delivers for everyone. They deliver parcels every day and mail five days a week. On a weekday, they deliver on average 900,000 parcels and 6.8 million letters throughout the Benelux. PostNL is the indispensable link for their customers between senders and recipients, and the connector between the physical and the digital world.

About the integration

Fully automated set-up using your PostNL (API) credentials.
After a successful call, the PostNL API returns a PDF which is automatically added to the shipment(s).

Integration Settings

You can manage the settings of the PostNL Carrier account at:

Configuration -> Transport -> Carrier Accounts

You can add a new account by choosing the ‘add’ button and select ‘PostNL’.


PostNL Account info

Provide API key, customer code, and account number. These can be requested at PostNL.

Use the ‘test credentials’ button to ensure your credentials are valid.
Please note the ‘test credentials’ button can be used in both live and test mode.

Default settings

In this frame, you can manage specific carrier settings.

Barcode Type
Depending on the parcel/shipping/from-to country, PostNL works with different barcode types.|
The most frequent used types are:


Collection location
Provided by PostNL integration team or account manager.

Default Product code
Allows you to select the designated PostNL service type.

Available service types:

CodeService Description
33084Grocery zending rbgg / avondbezorging
22928Brievenbuspakje Extra NL
33085Standaard Verzending
33087Verhoogd Aansprakelijk
33089Handtekening voor Ontvangst + Alleen huisadres
33090Burenbelevering + Retour bij geen gehoor
33091Rembours + Verhoogd aansprakelijk
33093Rembours + Retour bij geen gehoor
33094Verhoogd Aansprakelijk + Retour bij geen gehoor
33096Handtekening voor ontvangst + Alleen huisadres + Retour bij geen gehoor
33097Rembours + Verhoogd Aansprakelijk + Retour bij geen gehoor
33189Handtekening voor ontvangst
33288Rembours + Alleen Distributie
33289Handtekening voor ontvangst + Alleen Distributie
33385Alleen Huisadres
33389Handtekening voor ontvangst + Retour bij geen gehoor
33390Alleen Huisadres + Retour bij geen gehoor
44945Global Pack
44946EPS Standard delivery
44960Belgium Deliver to stated address only
44961Belgium Delivery to neighbour
44962Belgium Signature on delivery + Deliver to stated address only
44963Belgium Signature on delivery
44964Belgium COD + Return when not home
44965Belgium Extra cover (EUR 500) and Deliver to stated address only
44966Belgium COD + Extra cover (EUR 500) + Return when not home
44878Pickup at PostNL Location Belgium insured (commercial partner)
44880Pickup at PostNL Location Belgium, no insurance (commercial partner)
44940EU Pack Special to business
44944EU Pack Special to consumer
44992Direct Parcel to China

Use Sandbox
Check this box in case you are still in the test modus.

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