Dropship Supplier
  • 10 Aug 2021
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Dropship Supplier

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Article Summary

Required permissions

In order to view content or perform actions referred to in this article, you need to have the appropriate permissions enabled. An employee must be assigned to the shop with a Power User role or higher.

How to set dropship document templates on shop level

Unlike the regular and back-to-back purchase orders, the dropship purchase orders are linked not to the general shop for purchasing but to the shop of the sales order.
This enables us to manage the document templates created for the drop shipments the same way as if they are shipped from your warehouse.

To create a Dropship purchase order template that will be used for dropshipping orders. Please view Document templates for more information.
To create supplier-specific dropship mail templates please view Email templates.

On Shop level:
Shop Details Page > Topic Menu > Document templates
Please set the documents templates:

  • Dropship purchase order template
  • Packing slip
  • Picklist

On Supplier level:
Supplier Details Page > Topic Menu > Dropship

  • Set up the automatic dispatch of dropship orders and corresponding documents to the supplier
  • Select shops for which the respective dropshipping option will be available

On a ShopOwner level:
Shop Owner Details Page > Topic Menu > Purchasing
Can dropship checkbox sets a default value Can dropship for new suppliers.

Configure supplier settings


  1. Open the Supplier details page and navigate to the Dropship tab in the topic menu
  2. Enable the supplier dropship settings: check the Can dropship checkbox, save and refresh the supplier details page.
    ShopCtrl will automatically create a new dropship warehouse linked to the supplier.
  3. Check the Can dropship products checkbox so that all new purchase products imported for this supplier will be marked as available for drop shipment by default.
    It is also possible to manually change the dropship setting for each product on the product details page.
  4. If you would like to provide a supplier with a shipping label for a specific carrier, specify the options in the Shipping label section:
    • Check the Shipping label checkbox to enable the shipping label autogeneration.
    • Select a dropship Carrier account that your supplier will use for dropshipping of your orders. ShopCtrl will automatically generate shipping labels based on carrier requirements. Please view a list of Carriers ShopCtrl provides integration with.
    • Select a ShipFrom Info that will be used for shipping label generation.
      • Default Supplier Main Contact Info - configured on the supplier details page
      • Warehouse Main Contact Info configured on dropship warehouse details page
      • Shop Ship From Contact Info - configured on the shop details page
  5. Enable the Dropship create packing slip setting to autogenerate a packing slip for each dropship order.
  6. Select a method that will be used to auto-send dropship purchase orders and applicable documents to the supplier:
    • None - the dropship order documents will be autogenerated, but the email won't be autogenerated and thus sent.
    • Email - the dropship order documents will be autogenerated and sent to the supplier by email, using a predefined template the moment the drop shipment will be saved.
  7. Enter the Email address where the purchase orders will be sent to, or leave the field blank to use the default supplier email address.
  8. Select a predefined Dropship purchase order mail template that will be used for autogeneration of the new drop shipment emails. Leave the field blank to use the default email template specified in the supplier purchasing tab.
  9. Send PO pdf as mail attachment - choose whether supplier requires a purchase order document to be sent with each dropship order. If left unchecked and the shipping label or packing slip is turned ON, it will include only these documents.
  10. Shop availability. Select shops for which this dropshipping supplier will provide its service. The changes will be applied to the supplier's dropship warehouse as well.

Please save the page to apply the settings and refresh the tab afterward before proceeding to guarantee that all of the changes will be applied accordingly.

Please note

The standard purchasing templates are set on Supplier Details Page > Purchasing.
The settings for mail and document templates specified above for the specific supplier will override the shop owner and shop document templates.
Purchase order email address is the same that is set for general purchasing.