Document Templates
  • 13 Sep 2022
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Document Templates

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Required Permissions

An employee must be assigned to the shop with a Shop Admin or Shop Owner Admin role to perform actions referred to in this article.


The Document Template is a Word document file formatted according to your needs and auto-populated with Merge Fields provided by ShopCtrl.
Both the text, formatting, and images, along with the merge fields replaced by the actual data, will be reproduced by ShopCtrl each time the document will be generated.

When generating the file, ShopCtrl will automatically retrieve the information from the database and replace the placeholders with actual data, taking into consideration the rules and formatting applied to the Word file.

Use Document Templates to create customized documents depending on your customer's or partner's needs.
See Creating and Editing Document Templates, Merge Fields, Collections and Conditions for more information.

Types of document templates

Available Document Template types:

Template Name ShopCtrl Entity Description
Invoice Invoice VAT included invoice
VatFreeInvoice Invoice VAT-free invoice
Credit Invoice Invoice Document detailing a refund to previously issued Invoice
Reminder1st Invoice Used for setting automatic reminders
Reminder2nd Invoice Used for setting automatic reminders
Reminder3rd Invoice Used for setting automatic reminders
Offer Offer Offer document template
Order Sales Order Sales order document template
PackingSlip Order Shipment Packing slip template generated for the sales order shipment
PickList Order Shipment Picking list generated for the warehouse department
ShippingLabel Order Shipment Shipping label template
PurchaseOrder Purchase Order Purchase order document generated for the supplier
ReturnForm Return A template for the return form
ProductLabel Product Product barcode label
StockItemLabel Stock Item Stock Item barcode label
WarehouseLocationLabel Warehouse location Warehouse location barcode label
Undefined Free to use Undefined